Building a B2B video series: 6 tips to make your show shine

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A successful interview enhances every corporate video! But conducting a video interview is not an easy job. How do you ask the right questions and how do you get the best answers?
The most important tip for a successful video interview is: don’t think in questions but in answers.
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2. We often conduct interviews and know what’s important.

The development of the video interview has a lot to do with the concept of your corporate video.

2.1 Here you will learn first-hand what you need to pay attention to while interview:

When conducting interviews for your film, how to guide your counterpart through the conversation in a relaxed manner, how to ask questions correctly and thus achieve a perfect result in the end.
The main features of conducting interview:
  1. Have a plan
  2. Set the form
  3. Create a feel-good atmosphere
  4. Ask the right questions
  5. Identify & solve challenges
Always try to conduct a short preliminary interview. But be careful: if possible, concrete interview questions should not yet be discussed or sent in advance. All too often, this leads to over-preparation and memorized answers.

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